Annual European Rheology Conference 2017 (AERC 2017)

The Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2017) in conjunction with the Nordic Rheology Conference was held in Copenhagen/Denmark during April 3 - 6, 2017.


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Future AERC

AERC 2018: Sorrento/Italy, April 17 - 20, 2018

AERC 2019: Portoroz/Slovenia, April 2019

AERC 2020: In 2020 there will be no AERC due to the International Congress of Rheology in Rie de Janiero.


AERC 2015 - Nantes/France

Plenary lectures were given by Prof. Jian Ping Gong (University of Sapporo, Japan, Department of Soft and Wet Materials), Prof. David  Pine (University of New-York, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering), the 2015 Weissenberg Awardee Dimitris Vlassopoulos, and the 2015 recipient of the Maurice Couette Award (GFR).

The Conference had 10 thematic sessions and a poster session, which includes a student/post-doc poster competition:
- Advanced techniques and methods in rheology
- Colloids, suspensions, and granular materials
- Confined flows, microfluidics and rheology at the microscopic scale
- Food, cosmetic, active and biological rheology
- Interfacial phenomena, foams and emulsions
- Nano, micro and macroprocessing
- Polymers in solutions, self-assembling systems and gels
- Polymer melts, blends, composites and solid polymers
- Simulations and computational rheology
- Structured flows and instabilities

Before the conference (April 14, 2015), a one-day course on Advanced polymeric materials will be offered to interested participants. Three complementary lectures will be given by world-class scientists in the field: Roland Keunings (Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) on Rheology and flow of polymer solutions and melts; Prof. Francisco Chinesta (Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France) on Complex flows of micro/nano structured fluids: reinforced polymer composites; and Christophe Binetruy, Faurecia (Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France) on Flows of simple and complex fluids in microstructures: reactive processing and novel composite materials. The content of the courses was illustrated by a visit on an industrial site of Airbus.

AERC 2014 - Karlsruhe/Germany

Poster Session and Poster Awardees (AERC 2014)

Conference Dinner (AERC 2014)

AERC 2013 - Leuven/Belgium

Beer Tasting (AERC 2013)