Symposia and chairs

General Symposia

Emulsions, Foams, and Interfacial Rheology (Patrick Anderson, Isabelle Cantat, Antonio Guerrero, Frederic Restagno)
Granular, suspensions and jammed systems (Rainer Haldenwang, Elisabeth Lemaire, Thierry Aubry, Yoel Forterre)
New Advances in Rheometry: Experimental and modelling methods (Ole Hassager, Peter van Puyvelde, Philippe Marchal, Paula Moldenaers)     
Food Rheology (Peter Fischer, Brent Murray, Marco Ramaioli, Bettina Wolff, Amelie Banc)
Industrial Rheology and Processing (Roland Kádár, Joao Maia, Nino Grizzuti, Savas Hatzikiriakos, Abdellah Ajji)

• Bio-rheology and Medicine (Hélène Ayari, Arezoo Ardekani, Catarina R. Leal, Daphné Weihs, Atef Asnacios)   
Micro-, Nanofluidics and Microrheology (Rob Poole, Lilo Pozzo, Amy Shen, Hugues Bodiguel)
Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Computational Rheology and AI (Francisco Chinesta, Safa Jamali, Tim Phillips, Helen J. Wilson) 
• Self Assembling Structures and Gels  
(Quan Chen, Maya Davidovich-Pinhas, Domenico Gabriele, Niki Baccile)           
• Polymer Solutions and Melts
 (Markus Gahleitner, Giovanni Ianniruberto, Evelyne Van Ruymbecke, Yuichi Masubuchi)
• Solids, Glasses, and Composites
(Nicole Demarquette, Guillaume Ovarlez, Julien Ville, Moshe Gottlieb)

Special Symposia

Tribology versus Rheometry: Ben Bousaid, Anwesha Sarkar, Norbert Willenbacher 
Rheology and sustainability  for energy and production: Arnaud Poulesquen, Christian Ligoure, Daniel Read, Michael Haist, Reza Foudazi
Special session celebrating the (60-1th) anniversary of the GFR + Honoring session: Elisabeth Lemaire, Alain Ponton, Lazhar Benyahia, Nadia El-Kissi, Khalid Lamnawar.