Welcoming Words and introduction

We invite you to the Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC) in Lyon, France, 14th-17th April 2025. This meeting will bring together rheologists from all scientific disciplines, from academy to industry and government laboratories in a friendly, informal atmosphere to discuss and share ideas.

The AERC 2025 conference will take place in the Lyon Conference Center (Centre de Congrès), which is a superb world-class place. As for the conference venue, at the crossroads of European exchanges since time immemorial, Lyon has long cultivated its reputation as "the best kept secret in Europe". Its architectural heritage listed on UNESCO's World Heritage list, its reputation as the international capital of gastronomy, as well as its cultural effervescence and the boldness of its recent urban developments, are so many things that make it one of the most popular and "trendy" destinations of urban tourism in Europe.

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The chairing committee, with a prestigious honorary scientific board which we are working to build, promises to maintain a good balance of programs to serve the attendees from academia and industry with cutting-edge research results and the latest developments in the field of Rheology. AERC 2025 would be a unique “showcase” to such an event and help to attract younger and more confirmed rheologists from academia to industry R&D managers and encourage them to share their inputs on future of rheology and collaborative innovation.  The main focus of our conference is to establish a discussion forum for the community of engineers and scientists in the rheology field. A special symposia will be devoted to highligh the societal value in rheology field. Indeed, rheologists from universities, research centers or industry will be able to report on the most recent advances in the field. We are in fact particularly concerned by the aim of bridging the gap between academia and industry through the organization of a special symposia, round tables animated by confirmed rheologists and companies involved in rheology developments in different applications domain with a special attention to sustainable approaches. 

In addition to the technical program with symposia covering all the aspects of rheology, an active social program (gathering some social activities with visits to Lyon and industrial plants) will be prepared not only during the conference but also before and after, so that this trip may also be an unforgettable family and social event.

We would be very delighted to welcome the AERC 2025 and make them enjoy an important scientific meeting held in a multi-faced destination that only wants to deliver its many secrets to allow all curious travelers enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Looking forward to see you in Lyon

Yours truly, 

On behalf of the Steering and Committees,

Prof. Khalid Lamnawar, 

Save-the-date AERC Lyon 2025