More reasons to visit Lyon

 The city of Lyon: the « best kept secret in Europe  »

•       The capital of Gaul, the charm of 2,000-year historical background 

•       500 hectares in the heart of town listed as a “UNESCO World Heritage Site”

•       Among the best places in the world to wine and dine

•       The city of good food, that Curnonsky described as "world capital of gastronomy“:  21 starred restaurants in the “Greater Lyon” |  Wide choice of restaurants and “bouchons” (typical regional Lyon cuisine) |  99 starred chefs in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region. 

•      France’s finest wines vineyards begin at the gates of Lyon

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More reasons to choose Lyon ?


•       2nd largest conurbation in France (1.5 million inhabitants),

•       2nd largest economic centre

•       Leader in 5 industries: Biotechnologies | Chemistry/environment |Textiles and flexible materials| Transportation & mobility systems 

•       France’s most popular business tourism destination, outside Paris

•       2nd French city for conferences (ICCA 2019 rankings)

•       An attractive shopping destination : (the ‘Carré d’Or’ district offers a wealth of luxury brands while further to the east, the Part-Dieu shopping centre is the largest in Europe with 260 stores). 


•       170,000 students, over 12,300 researchers and 550 laboratories in Lyon (Lyon, 1st student city since 2018 with  17 “Grandes Ecoles” and 4 universities

•       France 2nd largest region in terms of health sector

•       World number one producer of vaccines.