European Society of Rheology (ESR)

The European Society of Rheology is open for everyone interested in rheology in all countries of Europe. Rheology is defined as the science of the deformation and flow of matter which means that rheology in some form enters almost every study of material properties. The ESR involves rheologists engaged in both industrial and academic research and development and is therefore a common meeting ground for engineers, physicists, chemists and biologists with a common interest in rheology


Annual European Rheology Conference 2018 (AERC 2018)

Sorrento/Italy, April 17 - 20, 2018

The Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2018) in conjunction with the meeting of the Italian Society of Rheology (SIR) will be held in Sorrento/Italy during April 17 - 20, 2018.

More information, the scientific program, and images please find here.

Weissenberg Award 2017

The 2017 Weissenberg Award recipient is Philippe Coussot from Université Paris-Est, Laboratoire Navier (Ecole des Ponts, IFSTTAR, CNRS), France. Coussot has contributed to both fundamental and engineering aspects of rheology, in particular thixotropy and yielding of dense suspensions, pastes and other complex out-of-equilibrium materials.  He has made ground-breaking discoveries (such as viscosity bifurcation), developed cutting-edge experimental protocols (such as rheo-NMR) and contributed massively to the conceptual understanding of the rheology of (simple and thixotropic) yield stress fluids and their flow in complex geometries. With the same rigor, he has applied NMR to advance the field drying and porous media flow. His pioneering work has shaped the field and pushed toward unprecedented progress. Philippe is an active member of the rheology community, strongly engaged and dedicated mentor. Further details can be found in

Executive Board

The Executive Board (2017 - 2021) of the European Society of Rheology is:

  • Peter Fischer (President)
  • Mats Stading (Past Preseident)
  • Bettina Wolf (Treasurer)
  • Michel Cloitre (Secretary)
  • Pier-Luca Maffetone (Member at Large)
  • Evelyne van Ruymbeke (Member at Large)
  • Jan Vermant (European Editor of Rheologica Acta)

Nomination Board (2017 - 2021)

  • Helen Wilson (Chair)
  • Philippe Coussot
  • Norbert Willenbacher
  • Christian Clasen 

Representatitives of the individual members (2014-2017)

  • Manfred Wilhelm
  • Philippe Coussot
  • Norbert Willenbacher
  • Suzanne Fielding
  • Christian Clasen
  • Paula Moldenaers
  • Evelyne van Ruymbeke
  • Thomas Schweizer
  • Gianni Ianniruberto

Access to Rheologica Acta and Applied Rheology

Access to Rheologica Acta and Applied Rheology is free for all individual members of the ESR. Please access Rheologica Acta and Applied Rheology via the 'Member area'.

All participants of AERC 2017 (Copenhagen) are automatically individual members of the ESR until renewal is due during AERC 2018.

Access to Applied Rheology is also arranged via personal log-in to

Latest Job Offers

  • Postdoac - University of Texas, Dallas

    Postdoctoral position available in Colloidal Gel Simulation

  • Postdoc - Chalmers University, Gothenburg

    Porstdoctoral position on bio-based fiber and nanomaterial composites.

  • PhD Student – Federico II University, Naples

    PhD project on the molecular origin of the nonlinear shear and extensional behavior of double dynamics networks.

  • Experimental specialist - RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

    Product Design and Perception at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in Gothenburg who tailors and characterizes foods and soft materials for industrial as well as for research applications, needs another experimental rheologist.

  • Principal Scientist - Mondelez International

    As Principal Scientist, Food Materials Science you will be the Global Technical Leader for Materials Science Research tasked with setting strategy for the business, leading the execution of technical platforms to understand the full range of material properties, their interactions and how to manipulate / improve their functionality to enable discovery of technologies that can be reproduced and protected across a number of categories.

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Latest News

  • Society of Rheology - 2018 Bingham Medalist


    Professor Michael Rubinstein of University of Duke University is the 2018 Bingham Medalist of The Society of Rheology.

  • Polish Society of Engineering Rheology joins ESR


    The Polish Society of Engineering Rheology (PSER) is now full member of the European Society of Rheology (ESR).

  • Hanswalter Giesekus (1922 – 2017)


    Hanswalter Giesekus passed away on December 4, 2017. An obituary will be published soon in Rheologica Acta.

  • Bingham Medal and Arthur B. Metzner Early Career Award


    The Society of Rheology is seeking nominations for the Bingham Medal and the Arthur B. Metzner Early Career Award.

  • Australian Society of Rheology Medallion awarded to Prof. Raja R. Huilgol


    The ASR Council has awarded the ASR Medallion to Prof. Raja R. Huilgol in recognition of his outstanding and meritorious contributions to the science and technology of rheology.

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Next Conferences + Workshop

  • Joint Symposium of the Belgian Group of Rheology and the German Rheological Society: Rheology – 360°

    March 19 - 20, 2018

    The focus of the joint symposium of the DRG and the BGR are the rheological properties of complex fluids in all its aspects: Rheology – 360°

  • 9th Conference on Times of Polymers (TOP) & Composites

    June 17 - 21, 2018

    The 9th TOP conference is organized by the University of Naples Federico II and by the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” during June 17- 21, 2018 in Ischia, Italy.

  • 5th International Conference on Food Oral Processing

    July 1 - 4, 2018

    The conference will cover the physical, physiological and psychological aspects of eating and oral processing. We aim to bring together scientists from the disciplines of oral processing and biology, food science and technology, sensory science, dentistry, biophysics and biochemistry, and human nutrition to present and discuss their latest findings on all topics of eating, sensory perception, food breakdown in the mouth, and simulated, in-vitro oral processing among others.

  • 2nd Summer School on Complex Fluid-Flows in Microfluidics

    July 9 - 13, 2018

    Second edition of the Summer School on Complex Fluid-Flows in Microfluidics will be held during July 9 - 13, 2018 at the University of Porto.

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