The presentations of the activities consist of oral talks of 15 minutes. 

To maximize the mingling of ideas, 4 talks on a similar subject are grouped together and run in sequence with a unique final discussion with questions and answers on the treated topic.

Senior mentors chair the discussion, highlighting both innovative and critical aspects of the presentations.

Scientific Sessions

Gels and glasses
This session welcomes contributions on the behavior of fluids showing complex dynamics due to crowding and/or attractive interactions, such as yield stress, thixotropy, or elastoviscoplasticity, and on the rheology and applications of supramolecular and self-assembling systems, like polyelectrolytes, hydrogels, organogels, mixtures with competitive interactions, and surfactants. The “rheology-driven” design of products of industrial interest, with tailored performances, is also the focus of this session.

Multiphase systems
This session welcomes contributions on the behavior of systems composed by multiple phases, such as suspensions, emulsions, and foams, highlighting the effects of hydrodynamic interactions and interfacial properties. Applications on the micro- and nano-scale, including those of biomedical interest, are also the focus of this session.

Polymeric melts and solutions
This session welcomes contributions on the behavior of macromolecular systems, aimed at characterizing their structural and mechanical response, fluid dynamics, and material functions. Contributions highlighting the role of rheology in the new additive manufacturing methods, processing polymers and soft composites, are also welcome in this session.