EYRS is online on Microsoft Teams. This solution allows the number of participants to be expanded and the distances to be shortened.

The Teams will be structured in different rooms. The room “General” will host the common working sessions, such as the opening, closing, and awards ceremonies of the symposium. There are 3 other rooms hosting the 3 main EYRS sessions: “Gels and Glasses”, “Multiphase Systems”, and “Polymeric Melts and Solutions”. In each room, you can find the sub-session scheduled according to the event program. There will also be a room named “Secretary”. You can use this to talk with the Workshop Support Staff to receive help (e.g., to verify your connection and your capacity to share presentation online).

Detailed instructions on how to access the platform are available here.

Remember to log into Microsoft Teams as a guest of the SIR account for your complete access to all platform features.

Speakers will have the opportunity to test the correct functioning of the platform and presentations on May 3rd and May 4th from 10 to 11 am.