The short abstracts of the 73 contributions are collected in the Book of Abstract (ISBN: 978-88-947444-0-8)

Abstract Submission

Abstracts must have a maximum length of 1 page and must be written according to the template

The abstract should briefly describe the research activities, highlighting not only the achieved results but also the critical issues of the work to favor a fruitful discussion with senior and young rheologists.

The abstract should be mailed to by January 23rd 2023. Authors should indicate in the email the scientific session (i.e., gels and glasses, multiphase systems, polymeric melts and solutions) for which are proposing the work.

Oral Presentation Instructions

Oral talks should be presented in PPT in the 16:9 format. Each talk must have a maximum duration of 15 minutes.

A PDF copy of the PPT presentations should be mailed to by May 4th 2023.