Rheology Short Course

Computational rheology using rheoTool – an introductory course

C. Fernandes, M.A. Alves
CEFT (Centro de Estudos de Fenómenos de Transporte), Departamento de Engenharia Química, Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto, 4200-465 Porto, Portugal

Open foam simulation


Join us for a hands-on workshop on computational rheology using rheoTool! This workshop provides an introductory course on the governing equations and discretization techniques used in computational fluid dynamics of complex fluids. We will explore the fundamentals of computational rheology, including the use of OpenFOAM and the rheoTool library. Through informative presentations and practical examples, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical concepts and practical applications of computational rheology. In a dedicated practical session, we will guide you through the complete procedure of solving a fluid mechanics problem, ensuring hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the workflow. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and explore the world of computational rheology using rheoTool.

Provisional schedule:

Day 1 (1h30m + 1h) – April 8, afternoon:

  • Introduction to computational rheology (governing equations and discretization)
  • Introduction to OpenFOAM and rheoTool
  • Illustration with a simple example

Day 2 (1h30m + 1h30m) – April 9, morning:

  • Setting up the laptops to run rheoTool (via USB drive, or previous installation)
  • Brief description of the example problem
  • Mesh generation, boundary conditions, numerical setup
  • Run the example problem and post-process the results (steady and time-dependent)

Maximum attendance: 50 participants


  • Each participant brings their own laptop. A USB pen disk is provided with a boot Linux system that includes openFOAM and rheoTool.
  • Alternatively, on own laptop the participant installs previously openFOAM and rheoTool (e.g., via virtual machine) following the instructions that will be provided in advance.
  • Let us know if bringing own laptop will cause problems.

Limited on-campus accommodation available

We have a very limited amount of accommodation available in student halls of residence. The accommodation includes en-suite shower-room facilities and is available on a B&B basis for £60.00 per night with check in Sunday 7th April – check out 12th April. Because of extremely limited availability, and because it is not possible to switch room occupancy during the week, we would like to prioritise this accommodation for students who will attend both short-course and conference. Hence, if you are interested in this please contact us on AERC2024@leeds.ac.uk after you have registered for the conference and short course. The last date to contact us about this is 18th March.