Advice for speakers and poster presenters

Oral presentations

The total time for each talk in the regular sessions is 20 minutes (except for keynote lectures which are 40 minutes). We suggest that you prepare a 15-minute talk, with 5 minutes for questions and answers. A computer and projector will be available in each room for your use. Our preference is that you use the room computer to project your presentation. If you wish to do this, please ensure your talk is uploaded onto the room computer and tested prior to the start of your session. However, we understand that for many reasons people may wish to use their own computer to present, and all rooms have HDMI connectivity. If you wish to use your own computer please ensure you have all necessary connections and that you have tested it in the room of your talk prior to the start of the session.


The official poster session is 5-7pm on Wednesday 10th April. However, the posters can remain on display throughout the conference in the Exhibition Hall, which is where all coffee and lunch breaks will take place. This should give you plenty of opportunity to discuss your work!

The poster board size will be: height 2m, width 1m. We recommend using an A0 portrait size poster, but in any case please ensure your poster will fit within the area.

We also understand that transporting posters can be awkward, so we are able to offer an additional service: you can submit your poster to the Leeds University Print Service and your poster will be delivered directly to the Exhibition Hall! If you wish to make use of this, please visit The cost for an A0 portrait poster will be £30. Please ensure your order is received by Monday 8th April otherwise it may not be ready in time for the poster session.

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