Social Program

Social program of AERC 2019 will be strongly linked to the Slovenian coast and traditions.

Welcome reception will be held at the terrace of Grand Hotel Bernardin on Monday, the 8th of April. Starting at 19.00 it last through the evening offering snacks and drinks for participants.

Slovenian Culinary Evening will run on Tuesday, 9th of April in parallel with the Poster session in the same space. The Slovenian culinary incorporates all of the influences of cultures and civilizations from the Alpine, Mediterranean and Pannonian regions. During the poster session, you will be able to taste some Slovenian food, oils, and wines. We are more than happy to announce that we will be hosting more than 20 different special wines from the Slovenian coast region.  

*All of the participants will be able to buy oils and wines on the spot directly from presenters.

For the accompanying persons and participants we have prepared a touristic program. To register for excursion please click BOOK HERE